CocoJams 2019 – Where Street Art matters


COCOJAMS 2019 – Where Street Art matters

A real playground for followers of street art, graffiti, tattoo, BMX, skateboard, patin, hip hop fashion and sneakers culture.

CocoJams 2019 combines many competitions from different categories like rap and breakdnace with a national scale, and skateboard competition with local scale for the first time in Danang, promising to be the platform for dreamers to shine.

Besides, CocoJams 2019’s gala night will bring a booming stage with the appearance of well-known underground Vietnamese and international artists, along with the performances of the winners from those 2 competitions: rap and breakdance.

  • Date: August 3rd-4th, 2019
  • Location: Cocobay
  • Opening Hours: 9.30AM – 10.30PM
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